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Leaf-spine disrupted the data center network, and now it’s disrupting routing.

About a decade ago almost all data centers were built on a traditional three- (or sometimes more) tier architectures that used the spanning tree protocol (STP). That prevented routing loops but also deactivated all the backup links, which accounted for almost half the ports in large environments. This caused organizations to significantly overspend on their networks.

Adds BlueJeans to its short list of traditional competitors that are now its partners; which companies could be next?

Polycom raised some eyebrows earlier this year when it announced a partnership with longtime competitor, Zoom. The deal was such a surprise because industry watchers in part link the ease of use and cloud-first approach of Zoom and companies like it to the decline that forced Polcyom into retooling as a private company.

“Would the Zoom alliance be the shape of things to come for Polycom?” we wondered.

The IoT era has arrived, and organizations need to be able to manage and secure their IoT networks. DDI can help.

The Internet of Things (IoT) era has finally arrived, and businesses need to be prepared for a world where everything is connected.

I’m an analyst so I’ll support my proclamation that IoT is here with data: There are currently 25 billion internet-connected devices, and that will double by 2020 and then grow to 80 billion by 2025.

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