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If businesses are to become agile, dynamic organizations, the tension between the security and network teams must go away. A security delivery platform will help align the teams.

In almost every conversation I have with CIOs, a common theme comes up: how to get the silos within IT to work together. The relationships between the different groups vary, but the one that seems to have the most tension is between network and security operations.

Faster processors and network speeds drive the need for an all-flash data center.

Earlier this year, Pure Storage announced Charlie Giancarlo as CEO. Prior to leading Pure Storage, Giancarlo was a managing director and senior advisor at Silver Lake Partners.

If Giancarlo’s name is familiar to you, it should because he held a number of executive positions at Cisco, including chief technology officer and chief development officer, which is where I got to know him.  Many people, myself included, consider Giancarlo one of the masterminds behind Cisco’s meteoric rise, as he was one of the architects that moved the company into new markets, such as ethernet switching, VoIP, Wi-Fi and TelePresence.

The rise of cloud applications has been well documented. The cloud era kicked off with a handful of SaaS applications, such as ERP, CRM and HR systems. Today, businesses are buying almost everything cloud-related — from compute services, contact center software, unified communications to anything else you can think of. These apps and services may look somewhat unrelated, but they all have one thing in common: They are highly dependent on the network to perform properly.

Last month, I authored a blog post that asked whether it was time for enterprises to move on from the branch router. In that blog, I framed the other options available to organizations that want to head down that route, but I didn’t really emphasize the benefits. Below are the main benefits enterprises realize if they’re ready to move beyond the branch router.

A Five9 survey shows customer service experience has overtaken price, product quality and all other factors as the top factor for customers when deciding with whom to do business.

The impact of digital transformation is far reaching and will impact almost every company in every industry vertical. Digital initiatives will also change the way customers interact with businesses. Companies that understand the new competitive dynamics and can adapt quickly, will thrive. Those that can’t will struggle to survive. 

Whether it’s customization, scale, or something else you’re after, sometimes public cloud doesn’t make sense.

Business and IT leaders are certainly feeling the pressure to help their organizations become digital. Agility needs to increase, but it’s no secret that legacy IT models simply can’t meet the needs of today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business environments. This is one reason why organizations have been embracing the cloud faster than ever.

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers remains busy with this mission to catch market transitions and change the world, this time with crickets and IoT.

Earlier this year, Cisco announced the man who turned it from a small router company into the world’s dominant network vendor, John Chambers, was exiting his post as executive chairman of the board and it turned the mothership fully over to Chuck Robbins. This raised the question: What has Chambers been up to? Retired?

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