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Administrators just need to attach the tags, log into the application, and configure the assets to start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Since its inception, Aruba, now a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has been a leader in Wi-Fi. Once of the defining characteristics of Aruba that has enabled it to avoid the commoditization curve is that it’s always found a way to add value to its solutions above and beyond connectivity. Much of the industry has been competing on price for years, but Aruba has used security, location services, and management as differentiators. I recall a conversation with a CIO a few years ago that told me that he considered Aruba to be a security vendor dressed up as Wi-Fi solution provider.

This week at the HPE Discover event in Las Vegas, Aruba added to its history of Wi-Fi innovation by announcing an asset tracking solution that is integrated into its wireless infrastructure. The solution is comprised of the following components:

The Aruba 8400 switch’s programmability, automation, monitoring and analytics capabilities allows customers to spend more time working on strategic initiatives

Digital transformation has been a hot topic with IT and business leaders over the past few years. In fact, it’s rare for me to talk to any organization, regardless of size, and not talk about the challenges of going digital.

Earlier this year Aerohive rolled out Connect, which is a low-cost offering it wanted to use to disrupt the incumbent vendors. Connect is basic WiFi connectivity that is managed through Aerohive’s cloud portal. Customers that want more advanced features can upgrade to Select at a later date and unlock all of the other configuration parameters. Given Aerohive’s relatively small size compared to Cisco and HPE/Aruba, an aggressive strategy like this certainly made sense.

The company’s IDN platform, based on the open HIP standard, enables wide-area micro-segmentation without the age-old network barriers of address-defined networks

IP networks were originally designed to be fairly simple. There’s a source and a destination address, and the network devices use this information to perform some fancy calculations—and magically, things connect. 

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