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Adds enterprise-focused private cloud to ‘Powered By’
hosted and Zang pure-cloud options.

People love having options depending on their preferences or environment. Patriots QB Tom Brady always has a second play to run if his primary one isn’t going to work, I drive either my pick-up truck or car depending on where I’m going, and my kid likes to play some video games on Xbox and others on PlayStation.

When it comes to cloud communications, businesses are no different. Small organizations have different needs than large enterprises. A company that has a 10-year-old platform would be more open to a rip and replace than one that has a two-year-old system. Companies in regulated industries have more stringent security requirements than ones in verticals that don’t have the same compliance mandates. The fact is that no two businesses are the same, and their cloud needs will be different.

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Using Open Network Adapter, Surge profiles
IoT devices and assigns them to secure zones

The Internet of Things (IoT) is hitting a tipping point. While there has been a fair amount of IoT chatter and hype over the past few years, deployments have been limited to the traditional machine to machine (M2M) verticals such as oil and gas, mining and manufacturing. Over the past couple of years, though, more verticals have been looking to connect more non-traditional IoT devices.

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If Extreme Networks and NRG Stadium can get
Wi-Fi to work flawlessly during a Super Bowl,
all businesses should be able to do it

Super Bowl LI will be remembered for a number of things. The Patriots had the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. Like all Atlanta sports teams, the Falcons choked when it mattered most. Also, Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl to cement his place as the second greatest QB of all time, behind the illustrious Joe Montana. 

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Not only does the Bell Centre have state-of-the art experiences
for fans, but just one network professional manages all of the
systems—a job made possible thanks to Avaya.

In the sports world there is no team more revered by its city than the Montreal Canadiens. With all due respect to Green Bay Packer, New York Yankee or New England Patriots fans, you don’t know the absolute die-hard devotion of a Canadiens supporter. The team has also had an unparalleled level of success in North American sports with 24 Stanley Cup Championships and an equal number of players in the recently released NHL’s top 100 players of all time

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At the start of the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Lt. Saavik took a test known as the Kobayashi Maru.  The test was actually a trap to see how someone would handle a “no-win scenario” where any choice made would lead to a bad outcome.  In network engineering, a Kobayashi Maru-like scenario is emerging for those who resist a move away from manual processes.

Embracing Automation is Key

One of my new rules is that “manual processes are the mortal enemy of network operations”. Earlier this month I wrote a post discussing the new rules of running a WAN, discussing how manual processes are bad for the business because they make the network a big choke point for the company, stifling business innovation.

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ZeroStack’s AI-driven approach reduces
the burden of running a private cloud

Credit: Thinkstock

Cloud mania continues to grow as businesses move more and more workloads to platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). But while public cloud hype is stealing all the headlines, private data centers are quietly plodding along and growing, as well. There is so much data growth today that businesses have to invest in both public clouds and private data centers, hence the high adoption rate of “hybrid” environments.

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