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By extending its Adaptive Security Platform to the network and cloud, Illumio brings together a number of historically discrete segmentation solutions

Data centers have become increasingly dynamic and distributed, which is why there has been a rise in technologies such as virtual machines, containers and hyperconverged systems.

Security has been slow to evolve to meet the needs of the new world, but thanks to innovative start-ups such as Illumio, security is starting to change and is able to meet the demands of digital organizations.

Instead of having to choose between cost and features, businesses can buy the Wi-Fi features they need and not overpay for those they may not need

Wi-Fi has become a critical component of digital enterprises. The wireless network connects workers, customers, Internet of Things (Iot) endpoints and virtually everything else to the company network. In addition to connectivity, the data that is generated by wireless traffic can be analyzed and used to provide the business with new insights on customer or user behavior.

It’s the combination of the cloud, hardware and software that makes Spark unique.

By now you know that Cisco held an event in San Francisco last week to dazzle and make us “ooh and ahh” with its shiny new toy – the Spark Board.

I won’t go into much detail on the specifics of the board, as No Jitter editor Michelle Burbick did a nice job of that in this post (see also, “Cisco Pushes Into Immersive Group Collaboration” and “Sparking Thoughts on Cisco Spark“).

The Spark Board has a strong value proposition as it can replace all of the other technology typically found in meeting spaces today; the conference room phone, video endpoint, PC under the desk, display on the wall and the myriad of cables can all be replaced with a single Spark Board. The touch interface combined with 4K display and unique VoiceTrack audio system for speaker tracking will raise the level of meeting effectiveness as some of the traditional pain points, like having to take pictures of a white board or having to figure out how to get a PowerPoint from someone’s laptop to the display, will no longer be there.

Cisco must have seen something interesting in AppDynamics to offer $3.7 billion for it

Cisco made some big news earlier this week with the launch of its new Spark Board at its Collaboration Event. Not to be content with one piece of big news, on the same day Cisco announced it had entered an agreement to acquire AppDynamics on the eve of its initial public offering (IPO). The $3.7 billion that Cisco paid was a hefty premium over the $2.0 billion figure put on the IPO.

With Spark Board, Cisco removes the barriers that make in-person meetings painful and integrates that experience with virtual participants

In the technology industry, we like to swing pendulums too far one way or the other and make general statements like “everything is moving to the cloud” or “everything is connecting over wireless,” and those statements are, of course, false. There are still more on-premises workloads than cloud ones, and there’s a huge world of devices that are connected with wires.

Another New Year’s Resolution for Network Managers: I Will Embrace Virtual Network Functions

In my blog near the beginning of the year, I urged network managers to make a resolution to not stick with the status quo when it comes to evaluating and selecting an SD-WAN solution provider, as it will ultimately prove a bad decision for the company and potentially the engineer’s career.  Another resolution network managers must make in 2017 is to embrace the concept of virtual network functions (VNFs), particularly for branch office and remote locations.

I believe the odds are 75/25 that Avaya sells the networking division, but I urge management to look at networking as its best catalyst for growth

The fate of Avaya has finally been determined. It’s not being broken up, shut down or having parts stripped off it in a fire sale. Instead, Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help shed the $6 billion debt load that is weighing the company down.

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