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Container use is still relatively new, but it’s
poised to have a big impact on the network.
Big Switch Networks’ Prashant Gandhi explains.

Credit: Thinkstock

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That statement has been true in networking for decades now, as many of the innovations in the network have been driven by changes in compute.

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The company’s IT Business Management suite helps IT
teams overcome the cloud skills gap and ensures
organizations have a successful journey to the cloud

Credit: Thinkstock

The cloud has been mainstream now for over a decade, but adoption has been spotty as businesses experimented and learned what kind of benefits it can provide. Over the past couple of years, digital transformation has become a top initiative for business leaders, causing IT executives to look for ways to be more agile and dynamic. This has increased the adoption of cloud as not just a cheaper alternative to traditional, on-premises computing but rather a strategic alternative that can pay big dividends.

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The Importance of Setting Network Baselines

The networking industry is in the midst of a transition to the digital era. The network plays a critical role in the success of digital businesses as many of the digital building blocks, such as IoT and the cloud, are network-centric. This is one of the reasons why there is currently so much focus on network evolution. Technologies such as SDN, SD-WAN, WiFi, segmentation are currently red hot.

However, before moving forward, it’s critically important to go through the exercise of establishing a network baseline. In actuality, setting a network baseline will provide value regardless of whether the network is being evolved or not. Understanding the current state of the network can have many benefits, including planning for growth.

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With a new owner and new CEO, change is in the air
at Polycom. Here are three moves I see on the horizon.

Polycom last week held its annual industry analyst and customer events, the first since being acquired by private equity firm Siris Capital Group and bringing on Mary McDowell as CEO. A new owner and CEO can only mean one thing — change is in the air — and the events offered the perfect opportunity for interacting with top customers and executives and coming to an understanding of what Polycom of the future could look like.

Here are three expectations I have for Polycom as it moves forward as a private company:

Alignment with Other Siris Companies

The first and most obvious benefit of private equity ownership is integration with other portfolio companies — most notably in this case, UC&C provider PGi. One of Polycom’s strengths is integrating its solutions with ecosystem partners, and I would expect to see interoperability and possibly joint development between these two companies.

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It’s almost 10 years since Silver Lake acquired
Avaya, and speculation is starting about what
company will buy Avaya’s networking business

The sign at Avaya Stadium, home of the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team. Credit: Avaya

Earlier this year Forbes posted an article speculating that Avaya’s private equity firm, Silver Lake was exploring a sale of the company or at least parts of it. Private equity companies typically hold its portfolio companies for three to five years and then divest themselves of it through an IPO or a sale to another organization. The Avaya situation is somewhat of a rarity because it’s coming up on 10 years since Silver Lake took ownership of it.

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GuardiCore Reveal lets security teams discover, monitor
and visualize activity inside the data center, as well as
control traffic through micro-segmentation policies

Credit: Thinkstock

The digital business era has brought with it a number of new tools and technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN), Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and the cloud. These innovations enable businesses to increase their level of dynamism and be more distributed, but they also increase the complexity of securing the business. Old-school security methods and tools do not work in an environment where the perimeter is eroding and resources are becoming more virtual and cloud-centric.

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