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VMware customers may not be keen on NSX as a networking solution, but they’re discovering it can help them align security with other data center trends

In July of 2012, VMware shocked the world when it shelled out $1.26 billion to purchase software-defined networking (SDN) startup Nicira. The acquisition changed the face of VMware, as it created a big rift between itself and long-time data center partner Cisco. The product, now known as NSX, put VMware squarely in the next-generation network market with one of the top start-ups.

Sometimes keeping your communications gear onsite is simply the better option.

The cloud dominates IT today, the norm for storage, computing, and many productivity applications. It’s been slower to come to UC, but the number of UC-as-a-service offerings has exploded as more and more businesses are turning to the cloud as a way of delivering communications functions to their employees.

Despite UCaaS’s rising fortunes, on-premises solutions are not dead — and won’t be for a very long time.

ZK Research is certainly no IDC when it comes to quantitative numbers, but my estimate is that the markets for UCaaS and premises-based solutions are roughly the same size. I’m expecting cloud-delivered services to grow at roughly three to four times the rate of on-premises deployments, but both remain viable options for businesses.

I don’t believe one approach is “better,” per se, than the other; they’re different and have distinctive value. The important thing is to understand when an organization should choose one over the other. To make the best possible decision, consider the following factors:

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