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After receiving a new debit card the other day, I had to go through the process of updating my card information for the different services I use. Many of them being performed on mobile apps, I figured I would take the opportunity to see what the different experiences were like adding in card information on different applications.

It’s a no brainer that security should be the most important piece for any application that will hold personal information, especially banking credentials. Another important concept with any application is ease of use, including adding in a card. Here are some of the takeaways I got from going through the process of updating my payment info:

There needs to be an option to update the information on the mobile app

This seems like a no brainer, but I was surprised to find there was no way of updating my payment info on Spotfiy’s mobile app. Then when I went onto Spotify’s application on my laptop, again, there was no option for updating the information. I had to go onto their Web Player version and then go into my account from there. If a company has a mobile app and there is payment involved, there needs to be a way to update the information from my mobile device. The masses are using mobile more (especially millennials) and it’s inconvenient and annoying when they are required to leave their phones to pull out their laptops just to update.

Cisco Meeting Server makes it easy for customers to use Cisco video room technology with third-party solutions

I recall my first conversation with Rowan Trollope, Cisco’s senior vice president and general manager of Internet of Things (IoT) and applications, back in 2012. He joined Cisco to head up the companies Collaboration Business Unit, and it was clear from our first conversation that collaboration under Trollope would be markedly different than it had been.

ForeScout can now secure IoT endpoints that were historically unmanageable

Smart lighting, smart meters, smart building systems and other smart endpoints. It seems every device today is a “smart” device.

The enterprise WAN has always been challenging to manage. It can be complicated, slow to reconfigure, lack security and many applications perform poorly over it. High service costs, capEx and opEx while performance and manageability remained an issue – a regular lose-lose. But then along came the software defined WAN – the solution to all problems. Or is it?

Using traditional security methods to secure an increasingly cloud-first, mobile-centric world is insane. It hasn’t worked, and it won’t work.

F5 Networks held its annual industry analyst conference this week within its user conference, Agility in Chicago. One of the main messages F5 tried to get across to its customer base is that it’s time to rethink security.

The companies will offer threat hunting as a service

In 2004, there was science fiction movie about a character named Van Helsing. He was a vigilante monster hunter who went around searching for and vanquishing evil monsters such as Mr. Hyde, Dracula and werewolves. If you were evil, there was nowhere to hide. Van Helsing would find you and put an end to you.

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