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Its vendor-agnostic, data center management system delivers on the vision of SDN without the associated risks

Earlier this month I wrote a post asking the question: “Who speaks for multi-vendor environments?” Since then, I’ve had a few vendors reach out to me about their solutions that could indeed meet the needs of a vendor-agnostic data center. One of the most interesting, Apstra, came out of stealth mode this week and has a solution that’s certainly up to the challenge that I laid out in my blog.

With Cisco Tetration Analytics Platform, businesses get complete visibility across the data center, allowing them to be agile and move at digital speed

Cisco has always been a master at picking the right adjacent markets to move into at the right time, and it often becomes one of the leaders in that space. Think of the impact the company has had in telephony, blade servers and security—to name just a few.

By making networks ‘session aware’ and ‘deterministic,’ the company says it can improve the quality of transmission and make networks faster

After two years of being in stealth mode, 128 Technology came out of hiding this week and is making a bold claim—that they can fix the way the internet works.

Hackathon winners from Carson Wagonlit Travel, Standard Insurance share how they created apps to help improve call center functionality.

As part of last week’s International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) event, Avaya held a hackathon competition during which members could spend some time building Breeze-based applications after receiving a quick tutorial on the development platform. I caught up with the winners — judges declared a tie since they couldn’t decide between the top two — and decided to take the opportunity here to share with everyone what they built and the experience they had with Breeze.

Before I get into the winners, I’d like to explain a bit more about the hackathon. Prior to the event, none of the 10 participants had been exposed to Avaya’s Breeze developer environment. Part of what Avaya was trying to demonstrate was how easy Breeze is to learn and use. With just a little bit of setup and training, anyone could sit down and write some code. In fact, I started playing with Breeze while at the event and within minutes I had created widgets that I could use to text message my kids and then play voice messages.

Lack of a true multi-vendor data center management tool that provides choice of hardware, operational simplicity and end-to-end visibility is holding organizations back

In 1980, the final episode of one my favorite TV shows, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, aired. In “Who Speaks for Earth?” Sagan summarized the mess that has become humanity and the impending doom that will befall Earth if things do not change. The episode also provides alternatives to that behavior and offers a way to save Earth but begs the big question of who actually speaks for Earth to enable the behavior change.

The large number of apps Avaya built using Breeze in a short period of time is proof the development platform is ready for prime time

This week the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) is holding its annual event in Orlando. The IAUG is an independent user community, so even though the event was centered on Avaya, it was run by a group of customers and not the vendor. The theme of the event, “Engage” has been Avaya’s theme for many of its events over the past year, and it carried over into the user event.

RealConnect enables Microsoft Skype for Business users to connect video calls across multi-vendor environments

Videoconferencing and the enterprise have had a good old love-hate relationship over the past few decades. It’s kind of like what’s happening with Tom Brady and the NFL. Both know they’re better off with each other, but there’s so much historical pain that it’s hard to move on and give each other another shot.

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