At Enterprise Connect, I was on the lookout for technology that millennials in the workplace would find cool and useful. After visiting many booths and experiencing interesting demos, Polycom’s RealPresence Centro got me the most excited. Here are the reasons why millennials would love the Centro in the workplace:

Its design is different and has a ‘futuristic’ feel to it. With its four screen display (one screen on all four sides) and 360-degree camera, the Centro is state of the art. It’s new and innovative and something that has not been replicated in the video conferencing space.  Millennials like the “cool factor” and want to be working with the latest and greatest technology and will be comfortable with Centro.  

It’s super easy to use. The interface is simple and easy to learn. The monitors are touch screens with great picture quality. Projects can be easily shared for collaboration and mark ups during a call. The Centro makes collaboration a lot easier for the user, which will then make conference calls and meetings much more productive.

The flexibility is impressive. With Centro being really good at capturing all the important stuff, users can pull off a conference call in any style they want. Whether they choose to have tables in front of each display, be on couches and chairs scattered around or walking and moving around the room, the Centro will focus on the material that actually matters, being the person talking.  

Polycom’s RealPresence Centro should be a core part of open workspaces and will definitely be a favorite of millennials. We like our technology to be new and have a futuristic feel, we want to adapt quickly and find it very easy to use and maybe most importantly, we want to be able to use our technology in any way we want to, with a lot of flexibility. The Centro perfectly represents the idea of what a great workspace of the future would include and how video conferencing should be experienced.

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Alex White

Alex White is a blogger for ZK Research, bringing a millennial's point of view on technology. He is a junior at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, studying Global Business and Marketing with a passion for new technology. While in school, he interns for TechTarget, a leading technology media company that provides content for the technology industry.
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