It’s fair to say that since our applications and devices get better, we expect our communication to become more instant. With that being said, we want our applications to have communication tools embedded in them so we don’t need to leave our applications to address our business. These tools can be the form of messaging, calling and of course, video.

As I mentioned in my last post, video proves to be very valuable in peer-to-peer situations of communicating with long distance friends, working on a group project or even annoying friends if you’re seeking attention. Video is also a valuable tool for business to consumer (B2C) applications.

For example, if I’m in my app for mobile banking and see something odd or unexplainable in my statement, I want to be able to talk to someone about the situation from the bank. The act of talking to someone should never force me to leave the banking application, but it often does.  I want to have the capabilities to call, message or video directly from the app and be connected. This makes the process of getting in contact and getting the help I need a whole lot easier, faster and overall, better than communicating in a different application.

Vidyo, a video conferencing company in New Jersey, showed me how they make this possible at Enterprise Connect 2016. Using their VidyoWorks APIs, organizations can add in video and communication tools to existing applications. While the APIs make it super easy and fast to add video to application’s capabilities, Vidyo also offers their VidyoWorks SDK for organizations that want to build their own communications solution. Although this route isn’t as quick and easy as the API, the SDK lets organizations customize their solutions to really fit their needs best.

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With the capabilities of video and other communication tools being relatively easy to add into existing applications, there really is no need for users to have to leave an application in order to communicate with that organization. Businesses that want to attract millennials as customers need to adopt this model or be forgotten about soon.

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Alex White is a blogger for ZK Research, bringing a millennial's point of view on technology. He is a junior at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, studying Global Business and Marketing with a passion for new technology. While in school, he interns for TechTarget, a leading technology media company that provides content for the technology industry.
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