Working everyday in a cubicle is awful; everyday is spent in the same location, in the same seat and with the same view of the same fabric walls. For a millennial, it’s normal to have an attention span shorter than a goldfish (which is actually true). With such a lack of attention already, staying in the same spot and experiencing the same things everyday brings us to exhaustion, irritation, a lack of motivation and disengagement.

A workspace designed for millennials should be dynamic. We want to come into the office, know we have different options for where to work and pick where we do so, based on what we are feeling that day and the type of work we need to accomplish. If I have some individual tasks to do, I want to be able to be tucked away in a quiet spot with my focus on work. If I’m feeling the need for companionship and collaboration, I want to be able to sit in an open area with others who are maybe feeling the same way. Having the freedom to choose where to sit and how you work makes for a very comfortable and productive day.

Recently, I visited Red Thread a Boston, MA based company that specializes in building a wide variety of workspaces. Through research based innovation, Red Thread excels in making dynamic workspaces that enables millennials to work how they want, when they want. They have built the workspace of the future, today.

The first area I walked through was their WorkCafe. The idea is to create that high energy feeling one gets when working in a Starbucks like setting. Employees come into this area to work in comfortable booths, tables or even a long bar style table. The comfort and relaxing mood the café gives off makes you want to start your day in a booth with a cup of coffee and engage with your colleagues.

From there, they had conference rooms set up with cutting edge technology. Between the smart white boards that connect with your devices, the HD- video conferencing systems that allowed a whole room to be engaged and the innovative layout between furniture and technology, these conference rooms represent a productive space for collaborative activities with access to everything you need at your fingertips.

Outside of the conference rooms, there are plenty of places for individual work depending on what you’re feeling. For instance, there are quiet, pod-like desks that resemble a comfortable business class seat on an airplane with a slight recline. There were standing desks, treadmill desks, and desks that can be height adjusted, virtually covering every different posture someone would find comfortable. With these different options comes connection for power, plenty of space for your belongings and a specific space for your bag, which is an idea that seems like a no brainer, but isn’t very common yet.

Red Thread sets up the office with plenty of choices for where to work. A millennial wants to have the choice for change, which should be provided in the workspace. From this, production, motivation, collaboration and energy are all increased, and better results will emerge than a day to day routine of sitting in a cube.

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Alex White

Alex White is a blogger for ZK Research, bringing a millennial's point of view on technology. He is a junior at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, studying Global Business and Marketing with a passion for new technology. While in school, he interns for TechTarget, a leading technology media company that provides content for the technology industry.
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