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With Cloud Consumption as a Service, Cisco aims to sniff out unsanctioned cloud tools in the workplace.

“You can’t manage what you can’t see” is a popular saying in the network industry. Historically, it’s been used for traditional network management, with the thought being that one can’t fix a problem on the network without having visibility into the applications, traffic flows, and infrastructure.

Unveils RealPresence Clariti, cloud-first collaboration infrastructure software that features flexible pricing model and deployment options

Over the past couple of years, Polycom, like many of UC vendors, has pivoted its product strategy to be in alignment with the “workplace of the future.” Digitization is at the heart of that future workplace, as businesses of all sizes look to harness the power of digital information to move with speed.

Make no mistake: Digitization brings Darwinism to the business world. Competitive advantage no longer means having the best product or the most resources. Rather, it means the ability to adapt to market changes faster than peers.

Polycom has designed its RealPresence platform with this in mind. It allows users to connect with one another quickly, from anywhere and on any device. Now workers can collaborate with the people they need to, both inside and outside the company, over a variety of mediums to make decisions at digital speeds.

Happy New Year to WANSpeak readers! By now, I’m sure many of us have made a start on our annual resolutions. I’m sure Donald Trump has made a resolution to antagonize even more of the country, Michael Dell has likely resolved to make the Dell/EMC merger smooth, and I’m sure Tom Brady has resolved to make sure all his footballs are at least 12.5 PSI.

2016 should be a significant year of change for networking professionals, as the role of the network has changed. Historically, the network was considered the “plumbing” of the organization and was something few CIOs were concerned with. Today, many of the current IT initiatives such as mobility, cloud computing and Internet of Things are network-centric, meaning the network plays a much more important role. Because of this, the network and network managers need to change. This year, network managers should consider the following resolutions.

A 10X speed improvement makes for an easy sell for mobile operators, but they should be touting 4G/LTE’s other benefits, too.

While many UC vendors talk about mobility, Mitel is the first among them to put a strategy in place for actually bringing collaboration and mobility together. It isn’t just creating a mobile UC overlay, as others have done, but is integrating at the network level — a capability gained in the acquisition of cellular network software provider Mavenir Systems last March.

No vendors have tried to do this previously because they couldn’t make it happen with 3G and earlier generation networks. 4G/LTE technology, which Mitel gained via Mavenir, makes it possible to bring these two previously disconnected worlds together. That made LTE a hot topic of conversation as Mitel shared its mobile vision with industry analysts at a November 2015 briefing.

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