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A look at an extensive mental health organization in Massachusetts and how it is incorporating video to improve treatment.

The topic of the evolution of collaboration tools to improve virtual collaboration has been red hot of late. There’s been a flurry of startup activity in the area of team messaging, and the concept of the virtual meeting room has become the latest buzzword among unified communications vendors.

By calculating the fastest path possible for internet traffic, Teridion aims to boost internet speeds.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post discussing how network optimization hasn’t evolved fast enough to improve the performance of the cloud. More and more organizations are leveraging cloud-based applications and services, making Internet performance business-critical.

Intranets certainly aren’t new, but building one in a way to make it an interactive hub for employees to collaborate is a refreshing take on it.

A technical definition of “intranet” would be something along the lines of a network that works in the same way as the Internet, yet only certain people can use. But if you ask an employee of a company with an intranet how to define it, he or she would likely say it’s more of a boring webpage that they never go to. Why? Because it’s not really like the Internet at all.

Sure, intranets may work like the Internet, but the Internet is real time, constantly in motion, and always has fresh information. Most intranets are anything but that. Content is updated very infrequently, and the information that’s on the page is often useless to the average employee.

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