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Cisco CEO John Chambers just announced that he will be stepping down soon and bringing in Chuck Robbins as his successor. In doing so, he’s truly going out on top.

It’s always nice when highly public figures can go out on a high note and, as they say, “leave them wanting more.” I remember John Elway announcing his retirement after winning his second consecutive Super Bowl. Sure, he could have played more, and there isn’t a sports fan who didn’t want to see that, but now our memory of Elway is that of a winner and he’ll always remain larger than life in the history of the NFL.

Deploying a wireless network to meet the demand of airport passengers is extremely challenging. Here is how the Orlando airport accomplished it.

If you’re reading this post, you’re most likely involved in the technology industry in some way. As such, you probably attend at least one, if not multiple, events in Orlando every year. It’s only May and I think I’ve been there four times already this year.

Market transitions will define Chambers’ tenure at Cisco.

In 2012, Cisco’s charismatic CEO John Chambers, announced that he would be retiring sometime in the next two to four years. This started the “Chambers watch,” and many of the other Cisco followers — including Wall St, industry analysts and press — started to speculate when he might step down. Well, this morning all questions were answered as we found out some details of the retirement of John Chambers. In case you missed it, those details are:

When: July 26th, 2015. John Chambers will retire as CEO of Cisco at the end of its 2015 fiscal year.

Who: Chuck Robbins, currently Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations, will become the new CEO.

What next: John Chambers will become Executive Chairman of Cisco and remain Chairman of Cisco’s Board of Directors.

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