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The Sanbolic acquisition bolsters Citrix’s storage resources,
and raises questions about its needs in other areas.

This week, Citrix announced it was acquiring Sanbolic, a vendor that provides virtual storage technology for virtual data centers. The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company enables customers to “software define” storage to optimize the delivery of workloads between any types of media. This includes SSD, flash storage, cloud, SAN, and NAS systems, and the aim is to improve application performance and availability, and especially storage utilization.

The purchase by Citrix is an interesting one in that it fills a big void in the company’s overall virtualization portfolio. Sanbolic plugs nicely into Citrix’s desktop virtualization suite, and the two have actually been technology partners for years, so the acquisition seems logical.

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As the year plays out, watch for unified communications to continue
on its march toward the cloud, mobile platforms and beyond.

We’re two weeks into 2015, and that means it’s time industry watchers such as myself to step out and make some predictions for what’s coming this year. (I thought about revealing my New Year’s resolutions, but other than “make fun of Brian Riggs more” I probably won’t stick to any of them!) With that being said, here are six UC-related predictions for 2015.

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