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Instead of workers clamoring to bring their consumer technologies into work, might we start seeing a trend where workers want to take business technology home?

For years we’ve been hearing about trends like bring your own device (BYOD), the consumerization of the enterprise, mobile computing and other factors that continue to push more and more consumer devices into business environments. Why? Well frankly, it’s because corporate IT vendors build products that are hard to use and require a significant amount of “human integration.” Consumer devices are easy to use, period. So easy to use that my technologically illiterate father can use an iPad. Let’s see him use an old video endpoint.

I was recently reading this blog from Chris May, VP of Business Development from VOSS (VOSS the UC automation company, not the water distributor). In his blog he was discussing the concept of the “plug and play” enterprise. That is, products that can be dropped onto a users desk and they “just work” – kind of like consumer technologies.

In his blog, Chris stated that Cisco seems to have “changed their spots” when it comes to quality of design and the openness of the DX80. I agree with this statement, and I think the spot changing came with the arrival of GM and SVP, Rowan Trollope.

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