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Late last year, Cisco unveiled its “Internet of Everything” vision, complete with TV commercials and a whole bunch of marketing activity. The vision of “IoE” is simple. When you live in a world where everything is connected, it significantly changes the way we “work, live, learn and play” (to quote Chambers). The transition to the Internet of Everything will be the biggest change we’ve seen in our lives. We just need to have the imagination to think of all the possibilities. This week at CES, I think Cisco gave us a small glimpse of the future of TV in a connected world.

Two years ago, Cisco launched its Videoscape offerings aimed at giving cable operators and service providers the opportunity to sell differentiated video services. Last year, Cisco acquired NDS, which was intended to bolster the Videoscape strategy. At CES 2013, Cisco unveiled its newest video service, Videoscape Unity.

The company could offer calling services between Facebook users, creating an instant calling community of over 800 million people and companies.

Late last week, Facebook rolled out upgrades to its messaging service for Apple and Android phones. The new messenger application will allow users to send traditional text and picture messages but also allows users to send voice messages through the same application. The audio messages can be up to a minute in length. Facebook is calling this “social voice mail”, and it has the same value proposition as legacy voice mail, but with a twist.

One could look at this and scratch their heads and wonder why Facebook is doing this. By and large, most people hate voice mail, they don’t use it very often, and find it a pain to access. Visual voice mail has made things a little simpler in that you don’t need to go through each voice mail in succession to find the one you’re looking for, but most people use voice mail to simply say “call me”.

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