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For large enterprises and service providers, the process of on-boarding a user can be quite cumbersome. Provisioning a user with a full set of UC services can be a complicated, error-prone process due to the number of systems that need to be set up. UC on-boarding can include voice, presence, conferencing and a number of other applications that fall under the “UC” umbrella. In addition to setting up access to new applications, administrators need to find a way to migrate large numbers of users and massive amounts of data for continuity of dial-plans and other functions.

Last week VOSS, a provider of UC management and provisioning tools (UC-OBT), announced the general availability of its new on-boarding tool kit to make this process simpler and faster. VOSS’ UC-OBT is a suite of tools and applications that provides customers with the services it needs to simply and rapidly connect end users and UC-enabled devices to the wide range of UC collaboration applications.

By “thinking mobile first,” the company has come up with a way for developers to improve work flows for mobile app users.

The rise in mobile applications has created an explosion in the number of mobile management solutions. Today it seems there are as many choices of MDM solutions as there are of beer (bet you are wondering where I’m going with this). When it comes to beer, the most interesting man in the world doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he only drinks Dos Equis. Similarly, most companies don’t need to secure all their mobile applications, but for many, when they do, they only deploy Good Technology (see, it tied in after all!).

Good Technology has been a leader in mobile management and security even before there was a market. The company has been through some ups and downs as the competitive landscape and user needs changed but I think its recently-launched suite of products, which includes the Dynamic Secure Mobility Platform, and Collaboration Suite, is a game changer in the enterprise mobility market.

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