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This week is the annual Enterprise Connect (formerly VoiceCon) conference in Orlando, FL.  One of the many panels I’m on and moderating at the conference is titled “UC? Mobility? FMC? BYOD? SIP Trunking? Video? WebRTC? It’s time to take control.”

The theme of taking control of the UC environment is a good one as it’s my belief that Unified Communications is getting more and more complex as the vendor community expands the definition and functionality of UC. 

At one time, telephony was simple: a PBX, a phone and cable.  Connect them up and you’ve got voice.  Troubleshooting meant checking the phone, cable or PBX.  However, that legacy solution was as inflexible as it was simple. 

In the words of John Travolta and Oliva Netwon John, Cisco and enterprise routers “go together like rama lama lama ka dinga dong.” This is the business that kicked off the company’s incredible rise to where it is today. It’s also the part of the business that comes under fire as being the most vulnerable to competition. Cisco has greater than 90% share in the enterprise router market, and has by far the highest price points in the industry. Many have tried to take share, at what should be some low-hanging fruit, but all have failed. Why? Because Cisco flat out makes the best router and has never taken its eye off the router ball.

Today, Cisco announced its latest enterprise router, the Integrated Services Router with Application Experience, or ISR-AX, which is the evolution of the widely deployed ISR G2, the latest in a long line of enterprise routers including the ISR, x800 (3800, 2800, 1800, 800)/x600/x500 series routers.

This week is the annual “Mobile World Congress” shows in Barcelona where we get a glimpse of what’s to come in the world of mobility. I didn’t go to Barcelona, but I’ve been following the news, and one of the more interesting announcements was Gigamon’s “Big Data for Mobile Operators.

Big data has become another one of the tech industry’s most over-used words. In the application world, it’s really a euphemism for analytics to be performed on massive amounts of data. Overused or not, companies are facing a deluge of data that they need to figure out how to capture and analyze. To date, Big Data has been an enterprise initiative limited to the data center, but it’s now become a network concern as well.

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